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You can create a new life at any moment.

We all come to this planet with a perfect sense of balance and happiness.

But, somewhere in our lives, we start getting confused and unhappy. We get misled.

Anyone who desires to live a balanced physical, emotional, and mental life must free oneself from the beliefs inherited from parents, family, clan, society, religion and teachers, and return to the often undervalued process of determining what does and what does not work for him.

Does Your Body Lie?

Healing people, not diseases

Everything starts with our consciousness

Any symptom that the body develops is a wake-up call for us to understand what we must be aware of in our lives and change both our thinking and our behaviour.

In this website, my goal is to help you understand what your body tries to tell you. And your body does not lie. It just tries to help you.Will you listen to it?

Not easy at all, but very simple!

MS-Leadership Corporate

Leadership and Motivation

We specialize in the leadership of corporations. Thru our training, coaching and consultancy sessions, we help our customers build a common understood language that ensures inspiration, motivation and communication are always present in the company.

We also specialize in orientating corporations to the customers and to the market.

Instead of copying other success formulas, we help you create your own. Are you a creator or a repeater?

Latest Posts

  • International Healing Workshop (Portugal) September 2023

    June 30, 2023

    Location: Seia; 300 kms to the Northeast of Lisbon.
    Venue: Quinta do Crestelo ****
    Arrival: Saturday September 02 in the afternoon/evening;
    Departure: Sunday September 10 in the morning.
    Workshop duration: 7 days
    Workshop dates: September 03 to September 09, 2023
    Workshop schedule: from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:30 to 20:00
    Language: English (translated into Portuguese)
    Early birds: 950,00€ + accommodation – registration [...]

  • Anything can be healed

    March 24, 2023

    Anything can be healed. This is my truth. This does not mean I am able to heal everything.
    Healing is the natural result of awakening to a new vibration. It is by awakening to a new vibration that
    creation can take place. The creation of what? The creation of a new state of being. Healing consists of
    the [...]

  • New video: Do you want to get healed?

    January 2, 2023

    International Healing Workshop, May 2023 edition.
    Early bird registrations are open, for more informations click here

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This is a fungal infection (mycosis) caused by a fungus called Candida which affects the mouth and vaginal mucous membranes.

Fungal infections are of a parasitic type. The word parasite is essential, in this context. If the person lets herself be affected by parasites, this is because she is not centred, does not show firmness to the people who live around her, and it means that there is someone in her life who is a parasite and lives off her. The person is clinging to the past and to her beliefs, and this is the reason why she cannot stand up to this person who is sucking her out like a vampire with the degree of assertiveness she ought to have.

The fact that it develops both in the mouth and in the vagina is deeply meaningful. Actually, both the mouth and the vagina are places which symbolize giving one self and reception regarding the other person.

This is a random article from Does Your Body Lie?, An Online Guide to How Emotions Affect our Health.

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