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You can create a new life at any moment.

We all come to this planet with a perfect sense of balance and happiness.

But, somewhere in our lives, we start getting confused and unhappy. We get misled.

Anyone who desires to live a balanced physical, emotional, and mental life must free oneself from the beliefs inherited from parents, family, clan, society, religion and teachers, and return to the often undervalued process of determining what does and what does not work for him.

Does Your Body Lie?

Healing people, not diseases

Everything starts with our consciousness

Any symptom that the body develops is a wake-up call for us to understand what we must be aware of in our lives and change both our thinking and our behaviour.

In this website, my goal is to help you understand what your body tries to tell you. And your body does not lie. It just tries to help you.Will you listen to it?

Not easy at all, but very simple!

MS-Leadership Corporate

Leadership and Motivation

We specialize in the leadership of corporations. Thru our training, coaching and consultancy sessions, we help our customers build a common understood language that ensures inspiration, motivation and communication are always present in the company.

We also specialize in orientating corporations to the customers and to the market.

Instead of copying other success formulas, we help you create your own. Are you a creator or a repeater?

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When we breathe, the air passes freely through the nose and mouth, gets down the pharynx and through the basis of the tongue until the larynx. The space for air to pass at the back of the mouth and behind the tongue is reduced. During sleep, the muscles in the area relax, which reduces the passage even further. It is the vibration of tissues in this area that produces snoring. Given that the passage becomes even more restricted, the basis of the tongue creates a valve type phenomenon that can block out totally the entrance of air. At this point, the efforts the person who is sleeping makes to inhale air stresses the blockage further, like a cork, and then the so-called obstructive apnoea occurs, and the person ends up snoring very loudly. This is not exactly a symptom that affects the health of a person, but it clearly affects his family and social relationship. In this case, inhaling is hampered.

The tension that is associated to snoring is related to the difficulty in accessing the

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