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A wart (verruca) is a hardening on a particular spot of the body. This is a symptom of frustration and a feeling of undervaluation. It is associated to the skin and to the nervous system.

The person feels undervalued and frustrated because he needs to please others and also because he needs to hold on to the image he has of himself. For this reason, he is a person who compares himself to others and who becomes very competitive. This person lacks self-esteem and allows himself to be influenced by others in issues related to his image.

The child who looks for perfection to keep others satisfied and to run away from the negative assessment he fears others will make of him, is actually undervaluing himself. Accordingly, he is setting the ground for the appearance of a wart. This is a non-conscious phenomenon. It is important to talk to the child and make him verbalize his undervaluation, namely by having him talking to the third person involved.

It is important that the person with a wart is helped, as he is not aware of his undervaluation tension, nor of his inability to communicate. He will probably say that he did not feel anything important.

At school, the teacher criticises a pupil’s writing. The child concludes that his fingers write badly. “I am aware that my fingers cannot write properly.” Consequently, the child develops a wart on his fingers.

When warts show up on the back of the hand, the person believes he is not sufficiently good at what he does. His undervaluation is perceptible to all. Everybody can see a verruca on the back of his hand. The body reveals his frustration through his guilt and belief in ugliness (severe undervaluation).

When warts show up on the palm of the hand, this happens only to those who work with their hands; either manual workers or those involved in sports activities that require use of the hands. It indicates slight undervaluation.

When they show up on the soles of feet, it happens only to manual workers or sports persons. This indicates slight undervaluation, particularly connected to gesture. I do not feel good enough regarding what I see others do. My lack of performance keeps me away from the group. This is a typical example of a running competition, in which the runner only sees the soles of other people’s feet, precisely because he is running after them.

Apart from anything else, warts are ugly. In other words: “I do not feel I am good enough regarding what I should be and, on top of all, this is ugly#.

This is yet another example of undervaluation provoked by a comparing attitude and a desire to have an image that everybody likes and approves.

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