Vomit and nausea

Published on Digestive system.

This phenomenon is typical of people whose minds are really busy and then they cannot digest neither thoughts nor their lives. They have complicated their own lives by using their minds so much.

It is difficult to digest. It is as if they had a stone inside their stomachs.

This is the expression of confusion, denial and uncertainty (very common in pregnancies). Anxious people feel nausea more often. “Just to think of it makes me sick”, “It made me lose my appetite”, “It turned my stomach” are well-known sentences that translate the difficulty in digesting what one is thinking about.

This is what nausea is. It represents the sick feeling about something that is going on in a person’s life. Someone or something is making this person sick.

Vomit is an even more categorical expression of revolt and defence. Vomiting simply means refusal to accept. “I am not digesting this.” It sometimes happens during pregnancy.

In any case, both nausea and vomit are forms of letting go of control. Therefore, after vomiting, the person feels relieved.

In the case of some migraines, vomiting gets rid of the migraine. It relaxes the person and brings him intense relief.

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