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Vitiligo is a condition caused by loss of pigment in the skin in several parts of the body. The issue here is tension linked to a separation that was actually experienced.

This is a conflict of separation and uncleanness. Something happened that made this person feel the need to wash, whiten. “It is necessary to wash!” And the skin becomes whiter.

For instance, when the person wishes to wash off what others are saying, he has vitiligo around his mouth. When the person needs to clean up appearances, he has vitiligo on his face. When he needs to wash off what happened with the Father, he develops vitiligo on his arms and/or torso. When he needs to wash off what someone (the Father?, the Mother?) did, like taking what did not belong to them, he develops vitiligo on the hands. When the person needs to wash off what happened with his Mother (perhaps in her relationship with the Father?), he develops vitiligo on the legs and feet.

Vitiligo can show up on the legs, hands, any part of the body. Whitening indicates a desire for purification, and, for this reason, it takes melanin away. And, indeed, the body shows a white skin in the part of the body with vitiligo.

This may also be related to issues connected with money laundering (washing out).

The relationship with the sun is associated to the relationship with the Father. Some of these people are never on good terms with the Father.

If this condition happens to a newly born, it is important to try to understand what happened during conception and pregnancy between the Mother and the Father and also what is happening with this family’s mental pattern (see Family). Also see Babies.

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