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Published on Vision.

Many people insist on the existence of a yin/yang polarity that depends on the side of the face the eye is. From the perspective of a person’s build (constitution), it is true that the right eye is yin (the Mother’s side) and the left eye is yang (the Father’s side). This applies to everybody, left and right-handed people. However, from the viewpoint of the activity, functioning and condition the eye performs, there is no common denominator that allow us to know if a symptom in the eye is related to the yang or the yin side.

However, we all have a directing eye that takes action, and that is the yang eye, masculine. The other eye is the eye of affection, it fears danger, is more passive, yin and feminine. This is the receiving eye.

Trying to find out which is our directing eye (the yang eye), whether it is the right or the left eye, and which presents more symptoms, could be an interesting exercise. When referring to the eyes, we do not talk of problems with the Father or the Mother, rather of masculine and feminine behaviours.

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