Published on Addictions.

Vice is another word for addiction


Published on Addictions.

All forms of dependence represent an escape. It is an escape which started by being a quest. What actually happens is that the person literally projects the objective of his search on something he found along the way and decided his quest was over. He is pleased with what he has found. He remains trapped in fear and convenience. Anything can cause addiction: alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, gambling, food (bulimia, anorexia), but also, and even to a larger extent, money, power, rules, fame, influence, knowledge, entertainment, isolation, asceticism, cult, tradition, ancestral beliefs, religion…

The addicted person is the one who stops halfway through his quest. For this reason, he feels empty. And because he feels empty, he needs to fill the void with external substances which confer him the illusion of being balanced.

Basically, we could say that in all humanity, we are all dependents. The difference between the sick dependent and the healthy consumer lies in the quality of self observation, that is, in the awareness of one self, of one’s feelings and path. Dependence is a type of attachment. The non-addict, non-sick consumer is the one who is aware of his attachments and looks for solutions within himself and not on the substance he depends on.

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