Vertebrae - sacral vertebrae

Published on Locomotor system.

The sacrum is formed by five vertebrae that are fused in the direct extension of the

lumbar vertebrae. It articulates with the hipbones, the iliac bones and, together, they form the pelvis. This is called the sacrum-iliac area. Like in the cervical vertebrae, this area bears witness to who I am.

This is the area that shows what the person sees as being fair or unfair. The tensions are very similar to those felt in the cervical vertebrae, the difference being that, in this case, they are limited to the family side and to the feeling of belonging to a clan.

We are dealing with the bones, which form part of the locomotor system. The common

denominator here is undervaluation. Whenever I feel problems in those vertebrae, this is when I feel judged in my own home.

The sacral vertebrae are directly connected to the yin axis of the person, to the feminine axis, the axis of femininity, symbolised by the Mother.

The person’s verticality starts here. This is where one goes from being quadruped to biped and this is where our relationship with autonomy and our capacity for internal and external mobility are located. “I agree to have my own life project”.

Problems in the sacral vertebrae indicate the person has a feeling of unfairness regarding the way his family and clan criticize the way he leads his life.


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