Vertebrae - cervical vertebrae

Published on Locomotor system.

This is composed by seven vertebrae located in the neck. The neck supports the head and is the link between the head and the torso. It corresponds to the passage of concepts, ideas, wishes and will (all coming from the brain) to practice (action, fulfilment, expression, relation). The neck is a passage. Not yet the action itself. The neck precedes the action and the mental formation of the action.

People who store up anger have chronic tension on their shoulders, neck and arms.

Neck-related problems can occur in the muscles, the bones or in the skin. However, here we are dealing with the bones of the neck. And bones form part of the locomotor system. The common denominator here is undervaluation.

This area is associated to what the person is. The cervical vertebrae show who I am.

I have problems in those vertebrae when I feel judged. The conflict I have has to do with unfairness. “I was only loved by what I had or did, not by who I was.” For those who work with chakras, the neck, like the collarbone and shoulders, is in the blue chakra area, the chakra that connects to the metaphysical world, the chakra through which the entrance of energy into the body takes place.

One needs to look after the cervical vertebrae with love.

C1 supports the cranium. It is like a ring. C2 is the bony protuberance that goes through the ring of C1. C1 and C2 correspond to the so-called Buddha shape. If they break, we could die. They show what the person thinks of the quality of his being, at the highest level.

Problems in C3-C7 indicate what the person perceives as being the abominable side of his life (the guillotine fell on the C3). This is where most cervical lesions regarding the feeling of injustice take place: “It is not fair! This is abominable! How could they do this to me?”

Between C7 and D1, there is a curvature, which is the first curvature, the first “S” of the spine. This area represents the border between what I am and what I have.

Undervaluation and intellectual and moral humiliation are stored in the cervical vertebrae. The person was not worth as much as he thought he was, and he was forced to lower his head.


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