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In animals, the vagina symbolises the capacity to give itself, not in a social sense, but in terms of being capable of receiving semen and to embark on the production of offspring. Vagina-related problems denote lack of capacity to give herself to another person, inability to live one’s own femininity, one’s yin side, and they also expose sexual frustration or communication problems.

The mucus is the intimate part of me. The mucosal membrane in the vagina is the place in the body where the woman abolishes her frontiers and gives herself completely to the other person.

Vaginal cancer is not frequent. It happens more frequently to post-menopausal women. Vaginal cancer denotes a woman’s huge frustration that she has to live her femininity, mostly in its sexual aspect. It is true that when a woman gets older, she becomes more yang, more masculine. The proof is the natural loss of fertility. However, this masculinisation process should be smoothened by the woman’s capacity to live her feminine sexual side in full. A woman who has entered menopause is a woman who should live her feminine side, her sensual side. Vaginal cancer precisely indicates that the woman has punished her sexual side.

Vaginal herpes is associated to nervous issues and to the skin.

It takes place in the mucus junctions of the skin, at the junction between the skin and the mucosal membrane, more frequently in the labia of the vagina, which is the place where contact is made with higher level of tenderness.

It denotes a tension regarding communication with the partner, husband or boyfriend.

Herpes may be painful. This is a symptom provoked by contact with tenderness. It is characteristic of couples who adore each other but are always fighting. The person wants to contact intensely, the nerve is very much alive, but then, as the relationship does not work properly and the person spends a lot of time quarrelling, the body shows that fighting through herpes, which is painful and hampers sexual intercourse. Herpes reveals that the contact relationship with the other person is painful. People who are prone to herpes are people who have difficulty being on their own and being tender with themselves. They depend on love. Herpes shows there is self-inflicted violence in the relationship. If the person is violent to herself in the relationship, this means she feels guilty about something. And guilt is something that does not exist. It is an emotion totally fabricated in the mind of the person.

Leucorrhoea (white discharge expelled through the vagina) denotes feelings such as: “We, women, have no power over men. My partner makes me so angry!” It is as if the vagina is shedding tears of anger.

Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a fungus called Candida, which affects the mouth and vaginal mucosal membranes.

Fungal infections are of a parasitic type. The word parasite is essential, in this context. If the person lets herself be affected by parasites, this is because she is not centred, does not show firmness to the people who live around her, and it means that there is someone in her life who is a parasite and lives off her. The person is clinging to the past and to her beliefs, and this is the reason why she cannot stand up to this person who is sucking her out like a vampire with the degree of assertiveness she ought to have.

The fact that it develops both in the mouth and in the vagina is deeply meaningful. Actually, both the mouth and the vagina are places that symbolize giving one self and reception regarding the other person.

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