Urinary tract infections

Published on Urinary system.

Urinary tract infections is another word for cystitis


Published on Urinary system.

Since immemorial times, human beings, when arriving somewhere, start by fencing off the area, thus marking their territory. “It’s mine!” This is deeply rooted in us, and this is how we mark off our territory. Before us, animals started by marking their territory, not with a fence but with urine. This idea of marking territory through urine is still within us.

Therefore, when a person cannot mark his territory, he has urine related symptoms.

Cystitis in children indicates that one of the parents has been unable to mark his or her territory. The child feels alone, abandoned. He does not feel able to defend his territory. Parents do not understand this and the child thinks: “What happens if our territory is attacked? Who will defend it? I am on fire! Please get your act together, mark the territory!”

Children from both genders may have cystitis. In adults, cystitis is more frequent in girls.

Cystitis and urinary infections cause a burning pain, which enables the person to understand that letting the waters of his body flow causes pain and hurts him. Cystitis is a typical girls’ infection.

The woman will have problems in her bladder (urinary infection, cystitis) when she cannot manage to organize her vital space. When everything is a huge mess. The man will have bladder problems (enuresis, infection) when he fails to ring off the external borders of his territory and feels threatened in his own space.

Generally speaking, cystitis associated tensions are related to the relationship with the partner or lover. The person tends to blame others rather than accepting responsibility for his own balance.

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