Ulcerative colitis

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Ulcerative colitis is a condition of the large bowel

Bowel - large bowel - ulcerative colitis

Published on Digestive system.

An ulcerative colitis happens when there is an acute or chronic inflammation of the large bowel. In several European countries they use expressions that illustrate tensions related to Ulcerative Colitis: “a guy who rolls on somebody else’s faeces”, “Ass licker.” These expressions show the thinking pattern of a person who wants to gain approval from others. This is a person who sacrifices his own life to serve someone else. He is an hypocrite, ass licker, a brownnoser.

The person with an ulcerative colitis has pain, diarrhea, and loses blood and mucous. Blood and mucous are basic substances of life, vital substances.

The body shows that the person renounces his identity, his life, for fear of being alone. The person needs someone else, needs company, even at the cost of loosing his own identity. It may happen due to issues with the spouse (husband or wife) (or someone at home) or an employer.

The person gives his life to another and bleeds and sweats from the anus.

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