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The tonsils are more connected to the breathing system than to the digestive system, although they participate in both.

The tonsils are the first defence, the first sentinels, and the first filters of the human body. They represent the first discernment of what we can swallow. They are areas of lymphoid tissue that is also found in other mucus membranes, such as the pharynx, the palate, and the tongue, and whose job is to block the passage of swallowed or inhaled objects that are not welcome.

An inflammation of the tonsils, called tonsillitis, or throat angina makes swallowing painful. The body tells the person that he is having trouble swallowing what someone did or said to him. The tonsils are controlled by the cerebral hemispheres. Thus, the right tonsil is yang (masculine) and the left tonsil is yin (feminine). This is true for right-handed and left-handed people.

An inflammation of the yang tonsil shows that the person felt victimized by a man, and an inflammation of the yin tonsil shows that the person felt victimized by a woman. It is true that, in most cases, people experience inflammation of both tonsils, but usually symptoms start only in one.

Inflamed tonsils also occur in a very concrete situation when a person was to receive something and, at the last minute, it was taken away from him and given to someone else. It is tough to swallow. “At least they could have warned me!”

Swollen tonsils show that a person is guarded; he does not want that to happen again. They also show that the person can not speak for himself, ask for what he needs, and show disagreement.

When we remove someone’s tonsils, we are saying to him “Swallow everything, my darling!” It is an act of aggression that violates the integrity of the person. Again, it takes care of the effect but does not address the causes and, very often, problems simply move down to the area of the bronchi.

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