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It is difficult to dissociate toes from feet. Feet illustrate the quality of our contact with Mother-Earth. They reveal our awareness of being on Earth, our implantation, the way we feel gravity and counter gravity.

Feet must be dynamic. They are the place for dialogue between levitation and gravitation. People who have feet or toes related problems are people who are badly rooted on earth. They will experience problems wherever they live, whether with their biological Mother or even with their own incarnation. In the case of the latter, see Birth.

Toes are the accessories which allow the foot to stand and maintain its balance. A person without toes experiences more difficulty walking, and has a lot more trouble running when it is necessary to run away.

Toes are thus the feet’s details, the final look of our positions.

There is not always a common denominator regarding the toes yin/yang polarity when it concerns the locomotor system (bones and muscles). However, it is appropriate to assume that, both in case of right and left-handed people, the right foot toes are yang (masculine) and the toes of the left foot are yin (feminine).

Lesions in the bone or muscle on a yang toe denote undervaluing regarding his assertiveness and self-esteem at home, between the individual and a close male person.

Lesions in the bone or muscle on a yin toe denote undervaluing regarding his capacity to communicate with a close female person, or one who plays a feminine role.

When amputations occur, this is because an actual separation has taken place, provoked by huge undervaluing. If it affects a yang toe, the tension was with a man, and if it occurs on a yin toe, it was with a woman.

See Toes – joints and Toes – bones and muscles.

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