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Testicles are equivalent to the female gonads.

They are the reservoir of the force of Heaven, yang and masculine. Removing testicles from a man provokes the same energetic feeling as removing ovaries from a woman. Testicles are the essence of masculinity. Men do not have ovaries. Ovaries are to women what testicles are to men.

The hormones from these glands control sexual characteristics, such as hair and penis growth. Both men and women have masculine hormones (testosterone) and female hormones (estrogens), albeit in different proportions.

Problems in the gonads denote the feeling of true loss of a loved one. This could have been a girlfriend or boyfriend, a son, in short, someone very close to the person.

Cancer in the testicles makes them more productive. It is as if the body is showing the person’s desire to procreate, to generate a new loved one. This case clearly indicates the typical need to protect the species before the individual. In fact, this is a person who is offering part of his life to virtually get back (and this is what makes this an illusion) someone who has gone from his life.

When the tension he feels is huge and not verbalized or brought out in the open, the person gets cancer. When it is not so serious, the person gets a cyst.

The testicle’s polarity is not a determining factor, because the person is able to quickly identify which loved one caused the feeling of loss. The testicles’ polarity is not obvious. However, for diagnosis purposes, we should start assuming that the right testicle is yang and the left testicle is yin, for all men, right and left-handed. But this is not certain. Problems in the yang testicle indicate the loss of a male loved one, and in the yin testicle, of a female loved one.

Accordingly, the yang testicle denotes the loss of a major male friend, son, or any male the person was very fond of. The yin testicle indicates the loss of a major female friend, a girlfriend, a daughter or any female the person was very fond of.

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