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This is where the bone starts being a muscle and where the muscle starts being a bone.

Two realities come together here.

Tendons are quite inextensible. They fix bones to the muscles. In this case, we talk about the undervaluation of gesture at the time it starts. It is the stopping of image.

This means the undervaluation of action in the present. “He is better than me.” “I cannot beat him.” I am not powerful enough”. I cannot get there”. This may happen when practicing a sport or merely by crossing a street, or even walking. In other words, this happens to the person who thinks he is not worth much.

A problem in tendons is called tendonitis.

There are differences between tendons and ligaments. If appropriate, see Ligaments.

It is usual to find tendon problems on Shoulders, Elbows, Ankles, Wrists and Fingers. Check each one individually, because each unveils distinct conscience tensions.

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