Published on Digestive system.

Biting is an act of firmness, the expression of the capacity to grab, to subdue, to attack and feed. Poor teeth is an attribute of the person who has difficulty showing his assertiveness or even his aggressiveness and also of the person who finds it difficult to take decisions, since deciding is to provoke a rupture. It is to break.

We all know that one of the things that are most repressed by the society we live in is our assertiveness and, above all, aggressiveness, despite the fact that it is something deeply natural. The more we allow our aggressive emotions to come out, the less we will need to deal with our own aggressive behaviours or even with some symptoms which are not more than signs of a controlled and punished aggressiveness. Cringing teeth is a process that occurs mostly at night and which symbolizes repressed, not expressed aggressiveness. One needs to understand that aggressiveness only became aggressiveness because the firm and clear cut demonstration of an upsetting feeling was never allowed, neither by the person, nor by those surrounding him.

On the other hand, teeth are equally a demonstration of our own vitality. In fact, when we dream we lose a tooth, it means loss of energy and vitality.

One of the vital roles of teeth is nutrition. Teeth have the purpose of taking in food and keeping it in. Here we are referring to solid food, not emotional nutrition. We should take teeth into consideration before we turn vegetarian.

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