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Syphilis is another word for Gonorrhea


Published on Reproductive system.

Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection. It is an inflammation of the urinary and genital canals that causes a purulent discharge and pain. It is contagious through sexual contact.

“I was bad! I must be punished!” The person must steer away from any sexual contact. It shows some violence and, above all, guilt, including guilt directed at others. It may happen to the person who feels a great responsibility to fulfil a sexual role with a sexually demanding partner and, consequently, feels a great sense of culpability regarding the partner’s demands.

It may also happen to the person who fooled around (had sex outside the relationship) and feels guilty relatively to the person who led him astray. It may also occur when the person totally rejects his partner at a subconscious level and the body brings it to a conscious level in the form of a symptom.

Gonorrhoea is contagious through sexual contact. This shows that the person with gonorrhoea must stay away from sexual contact for some time. “It’s enough! Stop for some time!”

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