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Sweat is another word for perspiration


Published on Skin.

Perspiration takes place in the skin and is related to communication problems. Sweat has a smell, is sticky and gluey.

In the animal world, these are characteristic of frogs and fish.

To grab a frog or fish is a difficult thing to do. They are slippery.

The person who sweats without having done any physical activity is someone who does not want to get caught. He is a bar of soap, an eel (very slippery fish). Children who want to escape from their Fathers or Mothers, or from any adult, sweat more. Perspiration is very diluted urine. It changes from person to person. In the old times, doctors tasted their patients’ urine or sweat: “Tell me what your odour tastes like and I will tell you about your emotions (fear, resentment, rage…)”. Dogs are able to detect odour immediately, which may make them very nervous quite fast.

Feet perspiration shows the child wants to escape the control of his Mother.

Sweaty hands indicate people who want to escape social control.

Sweaty shoulders indicate a desire to escape the Father.

Sweaty head shows a desire to escape certain ideas.

When a baby sweats through the head, this means he does not want to get caught in his parents’ ideas, as they do not make sense to him.

Sweaty armpits show the person is aware he is not allowed the right to use his imagination. This person would like to fly away, like Pegasus.

In the same way, people who have a strong smell are showing their emotional state, women and men who use a lot of perfume do so to mark their territory.

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