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The sternum is a thick and flattened bone located in the front wall of the thorax and it articulates with the clavicle (collarbone) and the first seven ribs.

It protects the heart and lungs. The area of the heart represents emotions and the area of the lungs represents a relationship with the outside. A fracture of the sternum, which is a bone, shows that the person felt extremely undervalued. This undervaluation was felt in the bone that protects the thorax area. It means that, in this case, the person felt attacked on his emotions by someone else. Someone has attacked the individual because of what he feels, as if he were not allowed to experience his emotions. As if the person was not allowed to feel what he feels. The sternum, the hip, as well as the large bones of the body, are the areas where the maturation of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets occurs. The cells and the platelets are directly associated with blood, that is, with the person’s identity. Whenever there is a problem in the sternum, the person feels (though not consciously) that his identity is at stake. It is important to know who he feels in conflict with and verbalize it. First look at the couple, then the home, and finally, the work environment.

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