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Sterility is a synonym of infertility


Published on Reproductive system.

The body does not lie. Basically, a man or a woman who is infertile finds unconscious comfort in that. For a variety of reasons, most of them of material nature or related to the relationship, they do not want to conceive a child. The body makes a point to expose that hidden tension.

Often, one of the parties who was in a relationship where he was infertile, moves on to a new relationship, and becomes fertile.

Material reasons (money reasons), or any other, may be associated with the moment of procreation, which may seem ill timed to one or both parties. There are also issues related to the negative connotation of sexual relations, over copulation, which allow certain people to have in vitro babies, but not to conceive through sexual intercourse. In other words, the person was only sterile when attempting to procreate naturally.

The person who is infertile seldom accepts the fact that he is so of his own will. This is not a conscious decision; it actually originated in his mind. In the case of a woman, it may be associated with the female pattern of the clan she comes from. In some families, the female thinking pattern goes from generation to generation and it is normal (they say) to have some infertile women. It makes no sense; it is simply a mental pattern.

Some women are infertile though they have a menstrual cycle. However, there are women who are infertile and do not even experience menstruation. In this case, see Menstruation.

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