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Stammering is a condition of paralysis which affects speech. This paralyzing illness is associated with a great sense of undervaluation. Undervaluation is the first keyword associated with stammering. The second keyword associated with this condition is the sense of opposing ideas and impulses.

The person gives himself two contradictory orders for movement. The stammerer has opposing wills. For example, the individual may have the will to express himself but, at the same time, he may feel the desire to please his Father (who does not like what the son has to say when he expresses his emotions) and this conflict of wills causes stammering.

Stammering happens in the vocal chords located in the larynx, which is part of the throat. The throat is located in the neck, which is the channel between head and shoulders. When a person stammers, the words do not flow, they do not come out easily.

The person who stammers transfers his emotional and sexual problems to the head. He feels undervalued due to the inability to communicate with the parents and, specially, the Father. The stammerer is a reserved person who does not like to open himself to the instincts and demands of the body. He is someone who was trained to repress instincts, particularly those of sexual nature. Most likely he was not free to express his emotions or cry as a child.

It is not stammering that makes children act shy. It is shyness, the fear to express and communicate emotions that makes children stammer. The person who stammers assesses the consequences (here we find again the conflict of wills I mentioned above). When a stammerer is able to express himself, he usually has very strong spells of sexuality, aggressiveness, and logorrhoea (excessive flow of words).

We must find out about this person’s childhood relationship with his Father and, only then, with his Mother. We must find out about the model of sexuality he was exposed to, as well as the model of control he experienced. Many people develop stammering because they are surrounded by people who strangle them, in a figurative sense.

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