Spinal marrow

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Spinal marrow is another word for spinal chord.

Spinal chord

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This is the part of the central nervous system inside the rachidian canal, running from the occipital hole (in the cranium) down to the second lumbar vertebra (L2), where several pairs of nerves start.

Spinal schord tumors may be benign or malignant. Few originate in the nervous cells of the actual spinal chord. Most start in the meninges (they are called meningiomas, the body is showing the person that he has a major tension regarding the male figure (Father, husband…), which he is unable to verbalize.

In the case of inflammation, myelitis, the person’s body is showing him he is boiling. He starts going numb from the feet up, and the numbness progresses upwards. What is going on between my Mother and a man (my Father?)?The person is unaware he is boiling and that his structural foundations are unstable.

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