Small stature syndrome

Published on Isolated symptoms.

Nanism is also called small stature syndrome.

Growth problems are very much related to the endocrine system. If a child believes it is not worth growing up, the body will show him that tension from a physical perspective. And the child will not grow.

And why should a child believe it is not worth growing up? It could be due to several reasons, but all pointing to his parents.

The thyroid is an essentially feminine gland. It regulates the body’s entire metabolism, growth, weight, all of the body’s harmony. And it denotes the person’s capacity to express himself and to make himself understood. It is in the thyroid that the body shows the person’s calculating attitude, as he learnt when to speak up and when to shut up. And the child who is not allowed to speak up, or who has realized that no one has made (or will make) any effort to understand him, gives up on himself, gives up on accelerating his own metabolism and stops it. Consequently, growth does not take place. The tension the body exposes is: “I cannot create my own space in this adult world. It is not worth my growing up. I do not want to be like them.” When this tension occurs during pregnancy, the child is born with small stature symptoms.

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