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The epidermis is the protection of the dermis. The skin’s skin. The dermis is under the epidermis. The epidermis is like an envelope, a sac, a protection covering the dermis. However, the dermis itself is a sac, a protection, acting as the envelope of the body. Tensions on the skin are always related to aggression and protection.

However, the tensions that cause symptoms on the epidermis are different from those that provoke symptoms on the dermis.

Symptoms connected to actually experienced tensions of separation are felt on the epidermis, the same applying to tensions about fear of separation and communication-related tensions.

These are relational and social tensions connected to communication.

The dermis has nothing to do with separation, rather more with the idea that the other person controls me, and that I feel my territory has been invaded.

Relational and separation conflicts take place at the level of the epidermis. Like in the case of the dermis, here we will find aggression and need for protection, but now they are more of a social and relational nature, and connected with communication issues.

It is through the skin that we maintain contact with someone.

At conscience level, separation manifests itself through the skin. Contact with a baby is always made through the skin.

People who live in a state of separation often become absentminded. These are people who do not focus well.

A possessive person is a person who is afraid of being separated. This could be physical fear of being physically separated from someone, from a place, from an animal or even from a group, a family, a herd, a clan.

There are three major causes for epidermis related problems:

Eczema, Psoriasis, Scleroderma scleroderma#, and Vitiligo, belong to the group of symptoms of an actually experienced separation feeling (See each of these symptoms separately).

Leprosy belongs to the group of symptoms caused by fear of separation. This separation fear feeds on itself and causes simultaneously varicose ulcer and memory loss, which is what characterises leprosy.

Shingles, Chickenpox, Recking Hauser Neurofibromatosis (RHF), Herpes, Acne, Hives, Perspiration, Hair and Nails problems (see each of these symptoms separately) belong to the group of symptoms caused by communication problems. Separation through communication.

These people would like to open up and communicate, but this hurts them.

“I need to protect myself! He/They may hurt me.”

People who chew on their own skin are anxious about eventual separation. But not the Nail biters, because nails are connected to protection.

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