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Self immunity is a condition of the immune system

Immune system

Published on Immune system.

Immunity is the capacity the human being has to evolve in harmony, in his capacity to adapt to the environment, while evolving. Sometimes it means the person’s capacity to live amongst “beasts” without becoming one and keep on evolving in harmony.

When we incarnate, we come from a world of unity and incarnate into a world of duality, where all matter needs an opposite to be total, integral. The body is a demonstration of the duality of matter

Although people should always remember they are part of a whole, in the dual reality each person must be able to interpret what is harmful and what his good for him.

Immunity has the purpose of enabling the person to know what he should refuse and what to let in, in order to carry on in his evolution path.

What I must refuse should not be considered as an aggression to me, no. It is just the energy of someone who has a way of being that is not suitable for my own evolution in harmony. That is why I must keep him or her away from me.

Failure to acknowledge the duality that exists in our lives means death. It is to refuse incarnation.

People who keep hugging others all the time have no idea of what immunity is. They hug everyone because they believe in what they call unconditional love.

But unconditional love is not to like unconditionally. To love is to accept, not to like. It is true that acceptance favours union, and that rejection favours separation. But, not to like, does not mean to reject. That is the mistake that many people make. Not liking is not to create separation, it is to acknowledge duality. Not liking something or someone is perfectly normal. This is the reason duality exists. To allow me to choose whom I want to be around with. To like everyone is not accepting oneself. Not liking someone does not mean rejection. But failing to accept a person as he is, that is to reject him. It is raising a barrier.

To accept is to lower defences. It is an act of love, even if I do not like the other person. To accept is to acknowledge that, at the origin, we are all one. Rejection consolidates the separated ego. Acceptance consolidates the whole. For this reason, human beings these days find it easier to reject than to accept, because their goal is to nurture their egos. And egos need to feel their boundaries. Every time the ego rejects someone, it is able to feel its boundaries. Human beings confuse the emotion of liking with the feeling of acceptance and love.

Unconditional love does not just mean unconditional acceptance of others, but also accepting myself unconditionally. This means not hugging or even getting closer to a person I do not like. The fact that I accept that person does not imply I have to embrace him. I need to understand that there are people in this world who are not part of my evolution.

Maybe they are part of the neighbour’s evolution. When the people we do not like cross our path, they do it so that we can say No to them, gently and lovingly. We become immune by not allowing ourselves to be influenced by what is not good for us. It is not by killing everything around us that may eventually attack us, no. Life is not a struggle. It is giving oneself with discernment.

People with self-immunity symptoms, allergies or intolerances, are people who feel attacked, in most of the cases, by harmless things. The role of the immune system is not to carry out an inexorable war. That idea makes no sense.

People who suffer from allergies, for instance, are people who defend themselves from many things that are, in their majority, harmless. The allergic person is constantly increasing his idea of a potential enemy and builds a large defensive body armour around him. The allergic person has an aggressive behaviour, but is unaware of it. In other words, a docile person who represses his aggressiveness is as prone to allergies as an aggressive person.

Leucopoenia is a lowering in the number of leucocytes (white blood cells) and, accordingly, a drop in the person’s immunity. This person does not know how to defend himself nor to say No.

In the case of leukaemia, discoid lupus erythematosus and systemic lupus erythematosus, the tensions people experience are also related to the immune system, but in another way.

Thymus related conditions are also related to the immune system.

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