Salivary glands

Published on Digestive system, Glands.

Saliva, which is fluid, diluted, and plentiful, keeps the mouth moist. A dry mouth is characteristic of someone who is experiencing fear or tension. More concentrated saliva is used for digesting food.

When the salivary glands become infected it is as if the person were saying: “I had all I needed to feed myself and, at the last minute, they took my food away.”

The person with stones in the salivary glands is an individual who forces himself to be super efficient so that no one will take the food out of his mouth. Mumps play a role here and translate a child’s fear: “Will the ones in charge allow me to continue doing what I was doing?” Mumps is just one of many child illnesses. Again, it is important to remember that children do not deal well with the type of repression that society and families impose on them recurrently. It is good to look into family dynamics, particularly where the freedom of children is concerned. Are the rules too strict, excessively harsh?

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