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Eruptions indicate that something has been repressed. Eruptions uncover something that had until then remained invisible.

As in all children’s diseases, eruptions bring out something new for the child, and they contribute to a significant advancement in the development of the child. The more virulent the eruption is, the quicker the child will develop.

All skin related problems denote aggression and communication difficulty. Being born into this world, and growing up, are not easy processes for children, because of the very strong identification of society and of the families with the ego, religious beliefs, ancient beliefs of the clan and the unstoppable absurd need to obey rules that go against nature.

The child is beginning to develop his own defences against society and his family. Rubella is connected to the breathing system, in other words, with the exchange with the outside and the child’s defences. The child is developing his immune system.

As a matter of fact, catching rubella makes the child immune to it forever.

Besides, rubella is contagious, which means the child wants to keep people at bay.

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