Roof of the mouth

Published on Digestive system.

Roof of the mouth is another word for Palate


Published on Digestive system.

The palate is the upper part of the mouth, separating it from the nasal cavities. It is also called the roof of the mouth. Matter, which comes from Earth, gets digested in the mouth, in the form of food. It is the palate that prevents matter, which was at the lower level, from being taken up (to the brain), to Heaven, to a higher level. The power of the Earth is represented, in the family, by the Mother, and the power of Heaven is represented by the Father. Problems in the palate show the person’s confrontation with the memory of what took place within the family. “I cannot swallow this! I need a much bigger mouth!”

A child born without a palate shows that there is a conflict between the two parents. What the body is showing is that the child’s palate is far too small. It shows the person has to swallow a much bigger chunk in order to be able to survive. It shows that the person needs a lot of space to be able to digest what he needs to digest.

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