Right-handed and left-handed people

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Right-handed and left-handed people are detailed in Brain


Published on Nervous system.

Human beings have two centres: the brain and the heart. Reason, rationality, mind, are in the brain, whereas emotion and feeling reside in the heart. The mind alters emotions. Emotions alter the heart. The brain and its way of thinking affect the person’s experience of emotions and, consequently, the heart.

The brain stores the various stages animal life has undergone on earth. The sexual, preservation and perpetuity conflicts of the species are obviously contained in these stages. In the animal world, the perpetuity of the species has always been the most important factor. The species come first, only then the individual. And territory has always played an essential role in life on Earth.

The family, in its raw and original stage, is imprinted on the brain. In this world of earth life matter into which we have incarnated, duality is always present, marked by day and night, yin and yang, man and woman, large and small… This duality means there is an insert. Whenever there is harmony, there is something that fits, there are complementarities. This is why in animal life on Earth it became necessary to create duality in the family, so as to ensure the perpetuity of the species and thus differentiate the genders, to allow one to look after the children and the other to guarantee protection. This is the reason for the difference between the genders in biology. In primitive societies, male behaviour had the purpose of protecting and hunting, and female behaviour had the purpose of looking after the children.

Whenever there were attackers, men fought them off and women fled with the children.

But, if the attackers were stronger than the men in the family, who could protect the species and guarantee its survival? Good question. This is when another distinction, equally dual, was created. Not all of the men fought. It was necessary to have two types of men and two types of women.

There were right-hand and left-hand sided men and right-hand and left-hand sided women. The same happened with animals. Some were left-hand sided and others were right-hand sided.

Therefore, part of the men went fighting, while the other part fled. Part of the women went fighting, the other part had to flee.

Women only fought when necessary. Whenever nature could decide, it was only left-handed people who fought. The order for fighting was as follows: first, the left-handed men, then, the right-handed men, and only then could women participate, first, the left-handed and, then, the right-handed.

Male behaviour (yang behaviour) is one of fighting and female behaviour (yin behaviour) is one of fleeing, although, from an anatomical perspective, either men or women can do both.

Fleeing has the purpose of protecting the species. It is not cowardness; it is the protection of the species, although nowadays men who run away are called chicken. And, in biology, the preservation of the species is the most important thing, as we have seen earlier.

In the animal world, fleeing is as noble as fighting. We are now referring to working at the level of the yin (female) and yang (male) behaviours.

In the brain, there is a right side that is female and a left side that is masculine. The right side of the brain is creative, soft, sensitive, flexible, submissive and passive, yin; the left brain is powerful, wilful, hard-working, combative, confrontational, commanding and active, yang.

It is commonly stated that the right side of the body is commanded by the left side of the brain, and that the left side of the body is led by the right side of the brain.

According to this reasoning, one could deduct that right-handed humans would be more yang (functioning with the left brain hemisphere, more yang, and more masculine), and left-handed humans would be more yin (using the more yin, female, right side of the brain), and this would result in left-handed people fleeing and right-handed people fighting. However, that is not what was stated above. It does not happen like that at all. This is due to the fact that there is a double crossing in the brain.

The two brain hemispheres, right and left, of the cortex, each cross and affect the opposite side of the body but, in a different area of the brain, at the medulla, they cross again. There is, therefore, a double crossing. When it comes to protection, the fuse is at the level of the medulla, not that of the cortex. This fuse can be found where there is conflict and it acts like a switch. Therefore, and from a perspective of constitution, right-handed people function from the right hemisphere of the medulla (and left hemisphere of the cortex). Left-handed people function at the level of the left hemisphere of the medulla (and right side of the cortex).

From a condition standpoint and not one of constitution, the brain polarity and a person’s behaviour depends on whether we are in a situation of aggression/protection (medulla) or in a situation of communication (cortex).

In other words, in case of aggression and protection of the species, left-handed people are always the first to attack, because of their constitution. However, in a communication stage, left-handed people may be less aggressive.

We can conclude that, from a constitution perspective, left-handed people are more aggressive than right-handed people, male or female. But from a condition standpoint, that is, way of living, thinking, being, left-handed people are not necessarily more aggressive than right-handed people.

Let us imagine that in nature, amidst a community, a snake suddenly shows up. The issue now is one of aggression and protection.

Therefore, the women are the first to run away, followed by right-handed men. Left-handed men will attack. In the absence of left-handed men, the attack will be led by right-handed men, while the women will flee. If there is only one man and if he is right-handed, he may choose to run away or fight. The right-handed woman, nevertheless, will always flee.

During pregnancy, left-handed people experienced increased permanency of Heaven’s energy, or yang energy from the Father. As we have seen earlier, it is a matter of physical constitution.


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