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Rhinitis is an inflammation of the mucosal membrane of the nose, and is characterised by continuous discharge and nasal congestion.

Rhinitis may be acute (short-lived) or chronic (long term). The nose forms part of the breathing system and is associated to the relationship with the exterior. The nose assimilates the subtle side of things and shows the relationship with gasp, air, and the sky. The nose is in straight connection with life, though smell.

It is important to understand if the person feels attacked by something or, above all, by someone. A cold is an indicator of small sorrows and some mental disorder. It is likely that there is a problem with a person close to the individual in question. This could be related to the home, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, teacher, work, biological Mother.

Smell adds volume and colour to taste, and is indissociable from it, in the same way the two eyes are indissociable from each other. Smell-related problems (chronic, not momentary) represent fear of allowing subtle things of life get inside us, due to lack of self-esteem.

Loss of smell may also be caused by fear of acknowledging the animal that lives inside us. In fact, in the animal world, smell is a great tool for hormonal, hence sexual, recognition. The nose is associated to sexuality. The person who suffers from smell-related problems is also someone who contains his sexual impulses.

Blockage is another indication of this tension. The person whose nose is constantly blocked, or half blocked, normally suffers from smell-related problems. It denotes the person has difficulty accepting intimate information that comes to him from the outside or the inside. He does not wish to acknowledge the symptoms. It is quite likely that the relationship at home is not flowing as he wishes. However, he does not want to examine the details.

What is rotting in the relationship that the person refuses to smell? Absence of smell reveals pain, bitterness, or even a wish for revenge that we let rot inside ourselves.

This type of symptoms is often associated to a nasal discharge that runs down to the mouth, indicating the presence of an inner silent cry and impotence regarding changing things.

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