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This is a painful inflammation of the tissues in joints and muscles. It occurs in the joints cartilage, where bones come together. For instance, where the femur meets the tibia (kneecap). In this case, we are dealing with gesture. If our gesture is not appropriate, we develop a joint condition.

The quality of the gesture is the issue here. A person may be undervalued through gesture. Sports activity is a very good example of this, as well as manual work. This is the case of surgeons, dentists, pianists, and secretaries. This occurs in sports or in any other form of gesture. It may take place in any of our lives’ actions that implies a change in direction and/or flexibility. In fact, all symptoms reflect our conscience. A nice gesture, or a protocol-related gesture, or a courteous gesture, or one that shows violence or kindness, may be considered gestures that imply a change in direction or in flexibility in someone’s life, such as it happens in sports or in manual activities.

Joint-related diseases are related to undervaluation tensions. They strike when, for instance, the person thinks: “I am no longer good at this as I used to be. I am no longer good at this gesture.”

There is a flame burning inside the person. The person is burning. Rheumatism causes tissues and joint muscles to swell up. For this reason, they get deformed. The pain is so intense the person has to restrict movement as much as possible, but he cannot stop. The pain becomes more acute when the person attempts to rest. This is what happens in the case of poliarthritis.

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