Retinitis pigmentosa

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The retinitis pigmentosa is explained in Eyes – retinitis pigmentosa

Eyes - retinitis pigmentosa

Published on Vision.

This means intense pigmentation of the eye, leading to defective dark adaptation. This is conjunctivitis times 10. Melanin has the purpose of protecting. Just like skin moles. It does protect, but it should not protect more than is necessary and it should not leave a person in the darkness.

When we referred to conjunctivitis, we said that it only eases off when we close our eyes. The eyes are hurt, inflamed. This is the body showing us the presence of a conflict that is hurting us and to which we close our eyes, in other words, which we do not want to face. This tension is the result of something the person saw that disgusted him, looked unclean to him. In this case, instead of washing it off, the person covers it with pigmentation.

When the person needs to protect himself, this indicates that he saw something filthy, something that disgusted him.

This is a filth-related conflict, which is located in the vision.

The person would like to turn his retina opaque to prevent himself from becoming dirty. The person becomes progressively blind.

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