Retinal detachment

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Retinal detachment is a condition of the eyes

Eyes - retinal detachment

Published on Vision.

Something too horrible to be seen has happened. I do not want to see. It means a major shock.

The person attempts to get rid of the vision he had and this is when retinal detachment occurs. The body shows what the person attempted to hide.

The person remains deeply perturbed by what he saw, fails to get rid of the vision and lives it up silently.

If you tell someone with healthy eyes about some horrible thing that until the person had nor been aware of, then the person may end up with a detached retina.

This condition happens more often to old people.

The detachment will continue if the person continues to see horrible things, either by keeping in touch with the people who did what he saw or even by watching horrible things on TV, things the person cannot stand but does not tell anyone about it. In this case, retinal detachment persists. The tension persists.

Extremely myopic people tend to have retinal detachment. Horrible sights have an immediate and strong effect upon them. These people are more prone to retinal detachment.

Seeing horrible things provokes sight destructuring. Laser is a coherent, structuring light, and for this reason, retinal detachment is cured with laser.

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