Reproductive system

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Along with the urinary system, the reproductive system belongs to the water element of the five elements of the human body. Our association with our deepest beliefs lies in the waters. The waters are associated with the beginning of life. The reproductive system includes the ovaries, fallopian tube, womb (uterus), vagina and breasts, in women; in men, it includes testicles, prostate, and penis. Problems with this system reflect the difficulty of women to accept their femininity and problems in men to accept their masculinity. They also reflect the difficulty in finding one’s opposite within himself.

Just like the breathing and digestive systems, this system belongs to the group of the most primitive functions. Here we deal with everything which is absolutely necessary to preserve the species: the passage of genetic material from one generation to the next. In nature, priority is given to the species; the species comes always before the individual.

Problems in the reproductive system are only connected with yin and yang polarity based on the specific side of the body when dealing with pairs of organs (ovaries, breasts, fallopian tubes, and testicles) but there is not a constant common denominator. They are treated on an individual basis.

Problems on the yang side may indicate the influence of a man or a very masculine behaviour, very hard, on the patient’s part. Problems on the yin side may indicate the influence of a woman or a very feminine behaviour, excessively passive, of self-denial from the patient. Each case must be considered individually.

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