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Here we also include pruritus and itching.

Rash can appear together with hives or on its own.

Itchiness, with the burning feeling, pins and needles and stinging that come with it, is associated to sex, which is aggressive and loving.

Pruritus comes from the Latin prurigo, meaning itching, joy, and prurire, which means to sting, to irritate. This means that excitement always precedes rash. It can be pleasant or unpleasant.

The body reveals, through the itching, that excitement has passed the person by. The person did not pay attention to it, but it was there, independently of the fact that it was good or bad. Scratching has a symbolic meaning. The person picks and digs, and this means he is looking for something.

The person keeps scratching until he realises the tension in his conscience.

Scabies is part of the tensions associated to rash. The most peculiar characteristic of scabies is intense itching that worsens at night. Burrows appear more frequently and itching is more intense in the webs of fingers, flexing surfaces of the wrists and armpits, the areolae of the breasts in females and on genitals of males (penis and scrotum), along the belt line, and on the lower buttocks. The face usually does not become affected, except in children, where lesions show up as water-filled blisters. With the passage of time, borrows may be difficult to spot as they are hidden by the inflammation caused by scratching. Scabies is provoked by acarids and is considered to be a parasite disease. The person has stagnated over beliefs that do not work for him. The past controls his everyday life. He is clinging to the past. Infections caused by mites are parasite infections. The word parasite is essential in this context. If the person lets himself be affected by parasites, this means he is not centred and does not know how to be assertive with the people around him. It means that there is someone in his life who is a parasite and lives off him, whether at home, work, or amongst friends. It could also be his Mother. The person is clinging to the past and to his beliefs, and this is the reason why he cannot stand up to the parasite with the degree of assertiveness he ought to have.

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