Pubic bone

Published on Locomotor system.

This is a transversal bone located in the lower part of the abdomen. It is one of the protections of the pelvis, where our non-conscious relational mechanism is placed. In the front, it protects the bladder, the lower part of the large bowel and the genitals, which are organs located in the pelvic waist and also elimination and reproduction organs. Fractures in the pubic bone indicate that the person experienced intense undervaluation. The bones that protect the bladder, the colon and the genitals felt this undervaluation. The bladder is connected to territorial conflicts. The colon is associated to family troubles, problems at home, to a feeling that what was done to us was filthy, wicked. The genitals (Vagina, Penis, Testicles, Ovaries) are associated to the capacity to experience sexual impulses and to procreate. This person’s home is crumbling down. What is going on with this person’s private life?

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