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This is a symptom whose origins lie in the feeling of separation that has actually been experienced. However, in the case of psoriasis, the person feels two conflicts and two separations.

Psoriasis causes raised and flattened areas in the skin. It creates lumps and holes in alternate form. Certain areas in the skin become inflamed and covered with silvery white scaly skin.

The person is living two distinct things at the same time. One is always missing. This is the conflict of double separation. In any case, the person is always suffering from tension given the fact that one thing is always missing.

It is very difficult to convince a psoriasis sufferer about the causes of his illness. The person does not understand.

It is as if the person is producing a shield in alternating ways. He wears an armed shield between himself and the others. The person is afraid of being hurt. He is extremely sensitive. The problem is that, once more, the vicious circle is present. The larger the shield is, the bigger the fear and sensitivity to aggression. This is actually because the shield does not allow anything to go through, not even love. The person becomes even more vulnerable and has only one solution: To give himself and let go. This person’s acceptance of the wound(s) that separation(s) provoked on him must be worked on.

Psoriasis may cause skin ulcers and infections, which is a vicious circle taken to the limit. The person injures himself not to be injured by others.

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