Pregnancy - imaginary pregnancy

Published on Reproductive system.

This condition is also known as spurious pregnancy and feigned pregnancy. It happens when a woman feels all the symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant. These symptoms include food cravings, nausea, vomit, feeling bloated, swelling of breasts, darkening of the nipples, and milk secretion. On occasion, some women even feel what seems like a foetus moving in their bellies. This denotes a great desire to have children. It may be the case of a woman who desires to have children but, for whatever reason, does not allow herself to get pregnant. It may be the case of a woman who wants to be a mother without having to engage in the dirty deed of sex. However, it may also occur in the very opposite case, when you have a woman who loves having sex but does not necessarily want to get pregnant by the men she has sex with. Her sexual desires and experiences constitute a sexual addiction but are not consummated with the partner by whom she would like to get pregnant. We are in the presence of a woman who is imbalanced and out of sink with her femininity. In this case, see Sex – addiction.

There are women who get pregnant even when using birth control. The body shows the woman’s great desire to be a mother.

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