Precocious ejaculation

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Precocious ejaculation is a synonym of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation

Published on Reproductive system.

Ejaculation is the attribute of a masculine, yang force. It carries with it a group of spermatozoids, which are the seed that origins life. Ejaculation is also a moment of the man’s external orgasm. It is the moment when a man gives himself totally and looses himself up. It is also a moment when he loses all of his energy. Precocious ejaculation is typical of adults who turn yin, passive, too early in the sexual act. He turns feminine too early. In fact, this is because the man who ejaculates gets a more feminine, passive, more giving energy.

Precocious ejaculation may happen for a variety of reasons. For instance, it occurs when the person wants to finish the sexual act as quickly as possible, either in a conscious or unconscious way, because it is in his external orgasm that he attains pleasure, and not in the contact with the partner he is with at that moment. In this particular case, the person just wants to finish the whole thing off.

It may also be because the person is in search of tremendous relief; he attempts to get rid of a tension he is experiencing, through the expulsion of energy that an external orgasm produces. And he is attempting to obtain relief as soon as possible.

Premature ejaculation is an attribute of adults who have little sexual experience or little self esteem and fear not being able to satisfy their partner. It is provoked by shyness or insecurity. In this case, this is a totally natural occurrence and it is, besides, a good test of the love the partner feels for the individual, of her capacity to accept the early eagerness of the partner and his subsequent need to pause to recover energy for the next intercourse.

In adolescents and young men full of testosterone and tremendous vitality, multiple ejaculations during the same sexual act are common. It is normal. It should not be seen as a problem, merely huge eagerness. In this case, we are not talking about precocious ejaculation. In fact, frequent ejaculation enables the man to satisfy his partner, which also boots his confidence and allows him to gain expertise and dispel the fear and shyness felt before.

Due to the fact that adults have less vitality than young men, those who have precocious ejaculation experience increased difficulty in boosting up their testosterone levels. It takes them a lot longer to feel aroused, and this is if they get aroused again in the same sexual relation. For this reason, adults are a lot more prone to blaming themselves for premature ejaculation. This is the reason why so many adults blame precocious ejaculation.

Many adults, as well as many youngsters, blame themselves for precocious ejaculation because they start seeing themselves as ineffective males.

When guilt sets in, so does the vicious circle of rising premature ejaculation. Effectively, the body shows the person what he thinks of him when he ejaculates immediately: a male who turns into a female excessively quickly. This person needs to work up his self-esteem and to accept himself as he is, without attempting to be something else.

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