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This means arthritis in several areas of the body. This causes a painful alteration of the joints and muscle tissues, better known as rheumatism. The keyword here for the origin of symptoms is contained aggressiveness.

Where there is polyarthritis, there is an inflammation. A flame is burning. The person is on fire. The tissues and muscles become swollen and the joints get deformed. The pain is so intense that the person needs to restrict his movements as much as possible. However, he is unable to stop because the pain is most acutely felt when resting. The body is telling this person that he had/has excessive movement and so it slows him down, making the person realise that his activity, even hyperactivity, had been hiding a rigidity in his way of thinking that he refused to acknowledge. The body now shows it to the person. As a matter of fact, the person who suffers from polyarthritis is usually rigorous, stubborn, inflexible, meticulous and perfectionist. It may also be a person with a great self-sacrificing behaviour, almost masochist, melancholic and extremely moralistic. As it is, these are people driven by a very masculine, yang, bossy behaviour.

People with this type of symptoms were very active in the past, very dynamic, and probably played sports. Muscular hyperactivity, such as it happens in sports competitions, may be the form the person found to channel his aggressive behaviour. This person did things, many things. But he was never prepared to acknowledge, recognise, examine or accept his aggressiveness. Since he never admitted his aggressiveness, he was never able to live it through, and, so, he kept the aggressive energy within himself. He always solved the effect but not the cause. Therefore, the aggressiveness even increased, and accumulated in the joints, causing polyarthritis.

The person who has rheumatism feels a non-conscious guilt regarding this everlasting contained aggressiveness. For this reason, he dedicates himself to carrying out benevolent acts, abnegation, as if he wanted to expiate the guilt.

Polyarthritis affects women much more than men. This is because, in our society, women have much less capacity to assume their aggressive impulses.

Polyarthritis often comes with stomach or bowel pain, frigidity, impotence, anxiety, depression and even heart problems. See anger.

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