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Pneumothorax is another word for pleurisy


Published on Breathing system.

This is an infection of the pleura. The person feels a threat in his life. Pleurisy reveals the existence of negative emotions. Above all, the person is afraid about what lies inside the pleura (the lungs). This is not a conscious fear. The person just feels a great need to protect himself from aggression.

Pleural problems denote that the person felt attacked, assaulted. The big difference between the pleura and the lungs is that symptoms in the pleura, besides aggression, also indicate that something disgusted the person, and that something filthy has taken place. This could be physical dirt or something disgusting that someone has done to this person. “This person disgusts me!” The fact that pleurisy is painful is merely a metaphor of the pain that the person feels at the level of disgust. It prevents the person from doing almost anything, even breathing. In short, the person protects himself from aggressions and things that disgust him.

In this case, it does not matter if the protection refers to the left or right lung. The metaphor for the pleura-related defence mechanism is to stick the hands in front of the body for protection. There is no time to think which side the person uses to defend himself.

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