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Inflammation of the lungs by infectious germs. It is characterised by high fever, cough, pain in the chest, general unwellness, difficulty in breathing, mental confusion and changes in blood pressure.

It denotes a feeling provoked by serious external aggression, extremely painful. Pneumonia shows that the person has no defences of her own. “I need to be protected! Who will protect me? I have a serious communication problem. I cannot make myself understood. I am not understood. Who will protect me and understand my suffering?”

This situation may occur when the person feels that the person who would be ideal to protect her from aggressions he is experiencing is absent.

The right lung reveals the yang side, masculine, and the left lung shows the yin side, feminine. This applies to left and right-handed people.

Pneumonia in the yang side shows the feeling of being assaulted by a man or incapacity of being protected by a man. Pneumonia in the yin side denotes the feeling of being assaulted by a woman or incapacity of being protected by a woman.

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