Published on Epidemics.

Rats transmit this disease. It still exists in many countries. It strikes when human beings lose the concept of effective management of natural resources. There is a correlation between rats and human behaviour. In the middle ages, plague followed famine. When humans lose their fear of starving to death, when the event has taken place, plague follows, like a sort of hangover.

Human beings are capable of killing for the management of natural resources. Plague follows subsequently.

These days, in the USA, rats have begun to show up in great quantities. The same applies to supermarkets worldwide, where a lot of food (and money) is wasted. Rats work in a symbiosis with human beings. They are a clear indicator of mismanagement of natural resources. Rats are the typical image of the selfishness of human beings. This is the reason we hate them so much.

See Epidemics.

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