Pituitary gland

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The pituitary gland is also called Hypophysis.

The pituitary/hypophysis is the conductor of the whole orchestra of endocrine glands.

For those who work with chakras, the pituitary is directly linked to the indigo chakra, the chakra of the third eye, the sixth chakra. It has multiple functions. It stimulates other glands (suprarenal, thyroid and gonads) to produce their respective substances. Therefore, it has a role in the reproduction system and in growth.

Growth disorders are very much associated to the endocrine system. There are three glands that participate in the balanced growing up process of individuals: the pituitary, the thyroid and the thymus. See Growth.

The hide and seek game that the person is doing is played at the pituitary gland. This happens when the person’s behaviour towards others is not straightforward, and he pretends to be someone else he is not. This occurs when the person refuses to respect his intuition.

At the level of the pituitary, the tension lies in the misalignment between the inner being (the person’s interior voice, his intuition) and the outer world (his everyday life and what the person pretends to be).

One of the hormones the pituitary produces is the growth hormone, which influences the person’s growth and maturing.

We shall not talk about people who are very small and do not grow up. We will talk about very tall people, with very long extremities. In these cases, the person’s tension is: “I need to be as tall as possible so that I can reach…” Then the person grows a lot (we are referring to tall people who come from smaller families).

This tendency comes from the parents. Once more, this is connected to the parents’ behaviour. Probably with the Father or the male model in the family, who always wanted to go further and higher. The child grew up to collect the reward. This is a body build-related type of issue and is associated to the genetic inheritance that the child brings with him since conception.

If a child thinks he needs to grow very tall to be worth something, his body will take him high up.

There is an anterior hypophysis and a posterior hypophysis.

The anterior hypophysis secretes the hormones that will provoke the functioning of other endocrine glands.

The posterior hypophysis is called the neurohypophysis. Its purpose is to balance the kidney and the pancreas.

When its functioning is disturbed, the person may develop insipid diabetes. He drinks and pees a lot. He recycles his own liquids. This is a person who washes using a lot of water. “There is black money here”. “There is liquid to be washed” (money = liquid).

Tumors in the pituitary (adenomas and fibromas) are normally benign. They call the person’s attention so that he realises that he misses himself and that he is carving a path for himself that will take him further than what is advisable. The person is obsessed with something related to matter, and which is acutely abusing him. The person is not respecting his deep essence.

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