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The peritoneum forms part of the group of membranes covering the body, of the sacs whose purpose is to attack or to defend. Conflicts with closed ones take place here. The attacks can be verbal or physical. The peritoneum is irrigated by many vessels and has many nerves. It is extremely sensitive.

Peritonitis is an extremely hard condition. The pain is very intense, and it means the peritoneum is inflamed. The peritoneum involves the bowels, so, we have no bones here, and the condition gets there straightaway. This is a very vulnerable part of the body.

Intestinal perforation is an extremely dangerous condition. The bowel that is oppressed reacts immediately. The abdomen is in danger. The abdomen contains the triple heating system that Chinese medicine refers to. The transmutation of things, that is, the assimilation of knowledge, takes place in the abdomen.

Children always complain a lot of bellyache when it is time to go to school (assimilation of knowledge).

Problems in the peritoneum indicate that the person felt under attack, assailed, by someone close to him. It reveals that something disgusted the person, that something filthy has taken place. It could be physical dirt or something disgusting that someone has done. “This person disgusts me”.

Peritonitis sometimes occurs after appendicitis. In this case, see Appendicitis.

Peritonitis may also affect patients undergoing dialysis and who are using the peritoneal dialysis method. In the case of the latter, see Kidneys.

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