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The pelvic zone is formed by the bones of the pelvic waist. They are the two iliac bones, on the right and left sides, respectively, also called hips, and the sacral bone lies behind.

It is normally called the sacroiliac area. Sacral means sacred. The sacral bone holds the tensions which bear witness of who I am. When talking about of fractures in this area, it refers to fractures of one of the two iliac bones or of the sacral bone.

Here lies what people consider to be fair or unfair. Tensions are very much like those produced at the cervical vertebrae, the only difference being that here they are restricted to the family side and to things belonging to the family.

Here we are dealing with bones, which are part of the locomotor system. The common denominator here is, as with other vertebrae, undervaluation.

When I have problems with my pelvis, it is when I feel that those at home are judging me. Sacral vertebrae are directly connected to the individual’s yin axis, to the female axis, the axis of femininity, symbolized by the Mother.

Pelvis-related problems reveal the sense of injustice the person feels regarding the way his family and his clan look at him, disapprovingly, and at the way he leads his life.

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