Patchy hair loss

Published on Skin excretions.

Patchy hair loss is a condition of hair


Published on Skin excretions.

Hair, body hair and nails are annexes of the skin and a form of skin excretion. All of these excretions have the role of protecting and communicating. But they also serve as antennae, means of seduction, reflection of health, example of loyalty to the clan, symbol of strength and they even have a sexual and social purpose, particularly when going in the direction of the other, in the way of communicating.

For all, men and women, the hair is the thread of our souls and it represents our ideas, thoughts, even personality.

Women’s hair denotes their relationship with Mother-Earth. Men’s hair represents their relationship with Heaven. Short hair is more yang, more masculine, and long hair is more yin, more feminine. For instance, men who shave their hair (like in Buddhism), do it in order to be closer to the Father of Heaven. Men who wear long hair have a good relationship with their inner mother, that is to say, with their feminine side.

There is a link between men’s hair and the way testosterone is used.

In animals, hair is an attribute of strength, might (for instance, the lion’s mane) and of loyalty to the clan.

Animals prefer to be beautiful rather than ugly. This makes them more effective.

Male lions have their manes so that they can protect females, which do not possess them, and which are less good looking and thus let themselves be protected.

Warriors of ancient times had long hair, in many cultures (Samson). It represented power on Earth.

For women, hair represents the right they have conferred to themselves of being beautiful.

It is more natural for men to lose their hair, but women may also lose their hair as a result of losing their antennae, their intuitive capacity. They can no longer contact the collective unconscious of the planet.

In all cultures, women-priests, priestesses have long hair.

The root of the hair lies at the dermis of the scalp. Dermis related problems are linked to feelings of being hit, to feelings of being invaded in one’s territory and feelings of disgust towards someone or something. Hair also depends a lot on the management of emotions through communication.

Hair is related to fears and the subsequent stimulation of the suprarenal glands, which provoke its loss. Baldness, or hair loss, indicates the fear of loosing something in our lives. The suprarenal glands of the bald person are likely to be very active. This person has the feeling of being constantly struck and he is not able to communicate effectively.

Hair loss or baldness may indicate excessive male hormones and difficulty to communicate assertively. It shows mostly on men, but also on women whose behaviour is more yang. A proof of this is that nowadays women who have a professional activity and who become more yang, more masculine, also increasingly suffer from hair loss. Women are becoming more masculine. One of the characteristics of masculinity is to try to control everything, and not trust the flow of life.

Patchy hair loss is a small size bald area in a particular place. The tension experienced is the same as the one the person feels with baldness.

Dandruff indicates that the individual is experiencing a feeling of separation or communication difficulties, and that his ideas are not compatible with those of his partner, or someone close.

Dry hair is synonym of dry person. Oily hair denotes a slippery person, who does not want to be caught, and for this reason, runs away.

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