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This is a failure to acknowledge fears. This is a person who does not face up to himself. This means that fears have not been acknowledged for a long time. It indicates a problem with roots. What is going on with the life pattern of the women of the clan? The family hides information. We are dealing with a person who belongs to a clan who hides information from his descendants, information that would be very useful to the person, to enable him to face up to himself. Hidden information is the key, in this case. Things related to the birth, pregnancy, and conception. The Mother has not told him everything. This person needs to talk to his biological Mother. If the Mother is dead already, this person needs to focus and get centred to be able to connect to his intuition. This way, he will be in a position to catch all the signs that will allow him to uncover everything that has happened to the women of the clan. Alternatively, he will need to ask members of the family and of the clan about his lineage and that of the women of his lineage.

See Family.

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