Pancreas - exocrine gland

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Cancer of the pancreas is associated to the exocrine function.

People who have problems associated to the digestive function of the pancreas are people who allow little time for fun and pleasure. Duty and the professional activity are more important. Life lacks joy. The influence of the biological Father is felt, like in the all the other cases (see links down below), mostly regarding the beliefs and values that must be followed. These are regimented, serious and boring people.

This sort of people goes to lengths to keep the past alive. However, they do it because they do not know how to deal with the present.

Cancer in the pancreas indicates that the person needs to fully digest everything that has happened. He feels the injury was very strong. The conflict in his conscience is the feeling that tremendous injustice was made. What was done to him was profoundly unfair. It was particularly unfair because rules were broken. Those rules the person is such a devotee of.

The person digests himself with the digestive enzymes he produces, because he feels very angry and has decided to repress that anger. He feels doubt, confusion, and a great inability to be happy. However, he will not verbalize any of this. He bottles up. And he carries on grinding and being eaten by his own enzymes.

In this type of cancer, we are dealing with utmost ignominy. However, the person only experiences this feeling due to his own beliefs, not because of what was done to him. This is an extremely fast cancer. The person peels off like an onion.

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas in its digestive capacity. On occasions, it happens to HIV patients due to the anti-HIV medicine they have taken. Pancreatitis is also common in people who drink too much alcohol. Symptoms include a feeling of sickness and pain. The digestive capacity of the pancreas is affected, as the pancreas stops working properly. Food is not properly digested, and this can lead to weight loss, the presence of non-digested fat and diarrhea.

We are dealing with someone who hates his life, who finds it boring and who attempts to solve his problems by drinking alcohol.

In this case, see Alcoholism.

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