Pancreas - endocrine gland - hypoglycaemia

Published on Glands.

The person who suffers from hypoglycaemia has too little sugar in his blood. This is the opposite of hyperglycaemia. This is a person who has feelings that oppose that of diabetic sufferers.

In this case, it is the person who does not believe he deserves sweetness, tenderness, and love. He is in constant search for norms, regulations he never actually had. In this case, the Father was basically non-existent in his functions as a Father. The Father was a softie. This may be connected to the family and/or with the pattern of men in the clan. These are people with a very dry type of body, with too many sharp ends, not rounded, not sweat. These are arid people. Fat acts as a reserve and also as a protecting agent of sugar and of the person’s identity. Fat represents values and beliefs. This person does not have any fat at all.

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